• Trump signed a decree to relax the banking regulations.
  • The law, named Dodd-Frank, had signed Obama 2010, it also writes financial institutions a higher equity ratio to prevent their over-indebtedness.
 The shares have been rising since the Americans have elected Donald Trump as president. Many investors hope the corporations are now making more money. Among the biggest winners in the stock market are banks . For Donald Trump had already promised in the election campaign to allow the money houses again more risky business. After the financial crisis, the USA had adopted more stringent rules for Wall Street.

Especially a law named Dodd-Frank was hated by the Republicans and their donors from Wall Street. Barack Obama had the law in 2010 signed. It mainly regulates risky investment banking. This division is considered mainly responsible for the global financial crisis . On this Friday, Trump has signed a decree aimed at the revision of the law.

Source: USA – Trump wants banks to allow riskier transactions – Economy – Süddeutsche.de