In a democracy the law is there for everyone, even those who you would deem it not to be, for if it was not then that is mob rule and once that is in abundance then that is the demise of democracy.

The public should not be taken as the judge and jury, because then the rule of Law and Order will not be recognised and the mob can then turn on anyone be they guilty or not.

This was evident in 1644-1646, the Witch hunts and Witch Finder General, do we really wish to go back.


LAWYERS are using underhand tactics and obstructing courts to help a child sex-grooming gang avoid deportation from the UK, Britain’s most senior immigration judge has claimed.

Justice Bernard McCloskey accused taxpayer-funded representatives of the gang of “weakening the rule of law”, and blasted their behaviour as “frankly shameful”.

The ruling came in response to the appeal made by the Rochdale sex gang against Theresa May’s decision in 2012 to strip them of their British citizenship to begin the process of deporting them.

The four men, led by Shabir Ahmed, 63, were convicted in 2012 of giving girls in Rochdale as young as 13 drink and drugs, before they were “passed around” for sex.

Ahmed, who was handed 19-year and 22-year sentences almost half a decade ago for his heinous crimes, has since appealed against both against deportation and to the European Court of Human Rights, accusing police and jury members…

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