President Donald Trump has fooled his supporters, he promised what they wished to hear by sound bites, but sound bites can have more than one meaning or purpose.

He posed to be anti-establishment, anti-elite, however, his whole background emanated from the establishment and he is one of the elite.

He believes he is the one supreme leader and he totally believes in his White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

Trump can only accept people who agree with him and he can not listen or accept reasoned argument and in a President this can only lead to major problems in dealing with other leaders.

Trump insisted he can lead America against the World, but the World is vastly larger than America and America will eventually suffer and in doing so the World will also suffer. For no one entity is an island in total isolation. Trump is incapable of change, so change can only come from within America.

Stop Making Sense

Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman speak to Harvard University professor Stephen Walt about President Trump’s foreign policy. Walt recently authored a piece for Foreign Policy titled: Trump Has Already Blown It. (Democracy Now!)

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