A disabled woman was brought to tears after being told she could not board a bus as there were already two women with pushchairs on board. Nicki Price, 37, from Springfield, is confined to a wheelchair due to her cerebral palsy and uses public transport to get around, but says she is regularly treated like a “second class citizen”. She was waiting for a bus outside the Tesco on Springfield Road on Tuesday (February 7) so she could pick her six-year-old daughter up from Perryfields School, but was shocked to find that two women already on the bus with pushchairs would not budge for her. “When the bus pulled up and I saw that the disabled space was taken up by pushchairs, I explained to the driver that I needed to get on this bus so I could get my daughter from school,” she said. “He told me he didn’t think that they were going to move, and that they were on the school run too, but I don’t think it would have been asking much to get them to fold up their pushchairs. “Eventually he asked

Source: Disabled Chelmsford woman ‘upset and disgusted’ as mums refuse to give up seat on bus | DisabledGo News and Blog