A bus company forced to change its policies after a ground-breaking Supreme Court access case has been accused of treating disabled peple and the legal system with contempt, after it revealed the measures it has taken to comply with the judgment. Last month, disabled activist Doug Paulley and other campaigners celebrated after the Supreme Court ruled that First Bus had breached its duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people under the Equality Act through its “first come, first served” policy on the use of wheelchair spaces. It was the first case of disability discrimination in service provision to be heard by the country’s highest court. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that disabled passengers have a right to priority access over the wheelchair space on a bus, and that a driver must do more than simply ask a non-disabled passenger to move. Until yesterday (Wednesday), First Bus had not revealed what action it would take to comply with that ruling. But First Bus has now

Source: First Bus response to Supreme Court ruling ‘treats disabled people with contempt’ | DisabledGo News and Blog