Foreign should not be considered an award to do as they wish and there should be substantial checking procedures to ensure the aid is spent in accordance with the agreed outcomes. If it is not, then the full amount of the aid should be required to be returned.

The aid should never be thought of as a free gift.


A FOREGN aid firm is under fire after pressuring beneficiaries with funding cuts if they did not write positive reviews to be presented to MPs, it has been revealed.

The actions of Adam Smith International (ASI) have been branded as “appalling” by MPs after the private British contractor was found to have engineered aid recipients into writing “letters of appreciation”.

The letters were then used by the firm, who received millions in taxpayer’s money, to show MPs their good work.

In a scathing Government report on ASI, the International Development committee called the company’s actions “deplorable”, “entirely inappropriate” and revealed a “serious lack of judgement”.

The committee discovered the firm had taken an “active” role in pushing the people who benefited from their aid payments to write positive reviews and cast their work in a better light.

In one instance an ASI manager returned a “generic” letter and told them…

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