I was born with severe talipes of the right foot. Put simply, I have a club foot with no Achilles tendon and zero movement in my ankle. No tendons mean my calf muscle is wasted and I have to walk on my toes. After numerous treatments and operations during my early childhood, my foot had been shaped enough to wear a shoe, but I was told I would not be a footballer and driving was unlikely. Shortly after that, football became my defiant passion. When you see a person walking down the road with a wheelchair or walking stick, you have an immediate recognition of their disability or injury. With a club foot, it can be hard to tell. A slight limp doesn’t convey the extent of the issue to the untrained eye. Many of the people I have met in my life know I have a club foot but are never aware of the extent of it. As a child, sports lessons embodied this. If I had to pull out of a 1500m race, or leave everyone waiting as I hobbled over the line in last place, I felt I was failing to keep up and

Source: Learning to drive: Finding freedom from disability | DisabledGo News and Blog