10 million GP appointments are lost every year to no shows : i NEWS.

Missed appointments is just one issue within many, the main problems are that in all aspects of the NHS there are too many people endeavouring to access too few opportunities.

When the NHS was created in 1948 the NHS was created with regards to the population of that time and with time progression the rate in the increase of the population as far exceeded to the rate of increase in the resources of the NHS, This is coupled with the increase in the extent of conditions the NHS now has to deal with and the population living longer.

If there were sufficient appointments then the rate of missed appointments would not be so contentious.

However, we have to deal with the situation as it stands today and therefore the rate of missed appointments has to be dealt with. Is one cause that the length of time an appointment as to be booked could mean the reason for the appointment no longer exists or another means as been found, such as going to A&E because you find you can not wait 2, 3 or 4 weeks for your appointment. Yes, if an appointment is no longer required then it should be cancelled, but the difficulties in contacting GP surgeries could be a factor, as could the current pace of life. You then will have people who can not be bothered to cancel or they do not fully understand the importance to cancel or there is the problem of memory, for in today’s world people have so much to remember that some factors are bound to be forgotten.

The problem, as is the case with many aspects, not only of the NHS, but life in general , that there is too much occurring, our life styles are too rushed and there is more than a degree of over saturation.


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