Over the next hour, Gorsuch steered the conversation with pointed comments — sympathetic for Kerr, barbed for the university’s lawyer.

Lawyers on both sides recalled later that they were dumbfounded.

The appeals court would go on to decide in favor of the victim, sending the case back to a lower court for trial. And the lawsuit was ultimately settled with the university paying her $2.5 million.

In the weeks since President Trump nominated Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, debate over him has split along predictably partisan lines, with praise from the right and anxious condemnation from the left.

But Gorsuch himself is perhaps not so predictable. An examination of his development from gifted Colorado schoolboy to college firebrand and then staunchly conservative jurist reveals that he is quite capable of surprise.

Source: Simply stated, Neil Gorsuch is steadfast and surprising – Washington Post