President Donald Trump’s recent forays to Mar-a-Lago, his private Florida club, have already stirred up controversy due to the president bragging about playing favorites with his guests or discussing sensitive foreign policy subjects in public. Now a new series of controversies have emerged about the president ducking his press pool and severely inconveniencing the local community.

The president has reportedly participated in a number of activities that weren’t on his public schedule during his stay at Mar-a-Lago this weekend. These included a visit to a Dana-Farber Cancer Institute gala on Saturday, a golf outing with professional golfer Rory McIlroy on Sunday, a visit to a Palm Beach Habilitation Center lunch on Monday, and a meeting with Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw to discuss among other things the cost of local law enforcement in the community on Monday.

That last meeting was particularly noteworthy, considering that Trump has been causing his neighbors a fair amount of headaches since his presidency started. These include, as The New York Times reported, “$200,000 in lost fuel sales at a large local airport in a single four-day visit this month, 75 no-shows at a new restaurant in just one night, $60,000 a day to pay overtime to sheriff’s deputies who guard the many closed roads, a tab that is about $1.5 million over all since the election, 250 private flights grounded every day.”

Source: Trump won’t stop visiting Mar-a-Lago — and his neighbors are getting annoyed –