Yes, health and social care should be working closer together as in many respects there is duplication and when there is not there are delays while it is decided who pays for what.

None of this is beneficial to those who need help and support and may be it is time for drastic change to occur.

Currently there appears to be major difficulties for Social Care and Health to work together, so is the major change to only have one authority, in this there would be savings as there would be only one management structure, but to whom it would go. Both are massive organisations, so should this go to either Health or Social Services or a completely new organisation. But then would there be 3 organisations working together. Whatever occurs the funding has to be ring-fenced and the funding has to be sufficient for the needs of the persons concerned to be adequately cared for.

But, unfortunately whenever Government becomes involved they only make matters worse, for they are always too political. Politics should have no bearing on Health and Social Care as it should be the persons who need to receive help, care and support who are the prime consideration.

Source: Health and social care must work together to improve the lives of disabled people | Scope’s Blog

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Today the House of  Commons Public Accounts Committee, an influential cross-party group of MPs who monitor Government spending, will start taking evidence into the integration of health and social care and how well it’s going. 

At the end of the inquiry the Committee will make recommendations to Government about how to improve the social care system.

400,000 disabled people rely on social care to get up and get dressed and good social care can support disabled people to work and participate in their communities if they want to. Yet too often disabled care users report poor experiences and poor outcomes and we are campaigning to improve social care for disabled people.

Social care has been high up the political agenda recently because of the funding crisis so this inquiry comes at an important time. We think it’s vital the Committee carefully examine how the social care system is working for…

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