In certain industries such as the retail or catering industry, training is given to employees to help them to accommodate the needs of customers with disabilities better. Unfortunately, this has not yet become a widespread practice, meaning those living with a disability are often subject to discrimination – even if it was not intended. Even less in the way of training is given to employees about accommodating the needs of those living with hidden disabilities. Assumptions are often made about a person’s abilities based on their physical appearance. Many grievances are raised every year based on customers being told that their needs will not be accommodated as the facilities provided are for those with ‘actual’ disabilities. Typically, this is because, without training, many people simply do not understand that disabilities range further those which may require the use of a wheelchair, guide dog or, crutches. Another all-too-common grievance raised is the lack of facilities on offer or,

Source: Hidden Disabilities | DisabledGo News and Blog