50 ways social work affects your personal life | Community Care

Social workers tell us the impact their work is having on their lives outside of work

Source: 50 ways social work affects your personal life | Community Care

One thought on “50 ways social work affects your personal life | Community Care

  1. Social Workers are the front line of Social Services and see persons at their most vulnerable with situations that most of us are not aware of and will not readily be involved in. Coupled with that staffing is being cut to equate with the austerity cuts being imposed by the Tory Government. The Social Workers management are being forced to accept these cuts, while realising, or they should be, that these cuts will cause considerable further stress to their staff on top of the extreme stress they are already experiencing.

    It is not surprising that this is creating further problems for the home life of these Social Workers and their families are also suffering. In fact I would not be surprised if the families of some social workers will, if not now, will in the near future require social care input themselves.

    It is easy for the Government to enforce these cuts, but the Government should be aware of all of the consequences. They sit in the ‘ivory’ House of Parliament without a care in the world and receive their salaries with substantial pay increases, while social workers are lucky if the receive 1% increase.

    The equality is not there and the Government is ‘not fit for purpose’, however, it is unlikely that any party in Government would be.

    The Government should consider the problems they themselves are creating for, not just, Social Workers, but all aspects of care and for the families who require this care.

    My heart does go out to Social Workers for the job they do under considerable pressure.

    We all know that more social workers are required and better pay, but the Government needs to take this on board as do the MPs, if not social care will be no more as people can only take so much.


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