#AceBrexitNews – EU pushes to make Gibraltar an enclave of the #Brexit deal as desperation stakes kick in after Theresa May triggered #Article50 as we witnessed the first country to EXIT – @AceNewsServices

So the EU appears to be siding with Spain to enlarge their territory, which I am sure is not part of the EUs responsibility.

But the EU do not care about the rights and choices of persons within the EU, only doing so much to feather their own nest.

The Gibraltarians wish to remain part of the UK or what is left should Scotland have their second referendum and then win it, which is far from certain according to the polls.

The EU wants the UK to pay up front for policies that it committed to, or was that T Blair. If this in fact occurs would not Scotland need to pay the UK similar should they gain independence.

It is a minefield, why do parties try to keep other parties from going their own way, would it not suit everyone to have an amical split and stop gaining politic points and financial benefits, which will only sour relations and will not be cost effective for the future.

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Apri.01: As the realisation by EU members of UK leaving the EU-bloc kicks in, two days after the United Kingdom filed its divorce papers, the European Union made clear Friday that it will be the one to set the pace and terms of the talks and starts its negotiations by trying to use Gibraltar as a bargaining chip, as they know this small enclave voted to remain in Europe – #AceNewsDesk reports

Brussels Ready to Begin Talks on Deal With UK Before #Brexit, Once ‘Sufficient Progress Made‘ in Negotiations and UK Should Fulfil Budgetary, Legal Commitments Prior to #Brexit With Financial Settlement – Council of EU as it EU says they will not punish UK as ‘Brexit is punishment enough’ Negotiations on the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union will prove complicated and “confrontational” as the 27 remaining members enter into exit talks…

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