Good luck and voyage to all who set sail, the EU deserves all it gets.

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#AceNewsReport – Apr.01: However powerful a union thinks it is .. It’s only as powerful as the members make it .. Without funding any Union cannot function and without members there is NO funding and after a momentous day finally one powerful nation the UK triggers #Article50 on Wednesday and two days later the Nordics propose that is time for them to consider leaving the crumbling EU and sail their own ship once again …

SputnikInt reports Brexit Spurs Stubborn Nordics to Break Free From Crumbling EU The UK’s departure from the EU seems to have whetted EU skeptics’ appetite.

A group of politicians, representing all five Nordic nations, have written an opinion peace stating it was high time for Scandinavia to “unhook” itself from the pan-European structure that is “singing its swansong.”

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