If you drive a diesel car you could soon have to pay up to £20 a DAY – Daily Record

It is reported that plans for a ‘toxin tax’, after repeated calls for a diesel scrappage scheme, will be unveiled to crack down on air pollution

Source: If you drive a diesel car you could soon have to pay up to £20 a DAY – Daily Record

One thought on “If you drive a diesel car you could soon have to pay up to £20 a DAY – Daily Record

  1. Once again conflicting advice being given, it was not long ago that people were encouraged to buy diesel to save the environment, as it was stated that diesel was a greener fuel.

    Most public transport is diesel , buses, trains, taxis, coaches, then there are emergency service vehicles fire engines and ambulances, then come haulage vehicles lorries and vans.

    As thought being given to vehicles for the disabled as many have been encouraged to go for diesel cars through the Motability scheme. Many of these disabled people will only have their benefits to rely on and £20 per day will have devastating results on their health and could even stop those that are able to work to be able to get to work.

    Again it is a case of the Government not fully realising what is the full extent of possible directives from one department on other departments.

    It is another doomsday approach from a Government who do not have a clue, they sit in their ‘ivory’ House of Parliament, without a care in the world, as long as they are alright.

    They ensure they get their pay rises, was it 11% this year when many others are not even getting pay rises or if they are it may be only 1%.

    The long a go David Cameron said ‘we are all in this together’, but was he omitted to sate was ‘expect MPS and Government ministers, with Bankers thrown in for good measure.


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