Trump unleashes American air power | TheHill

Trump has been aggressive in his use of air strikes against terrorists and other targets.

Source: Trump unleashes American air power | TheHill

One thought on “Trump unleashes American air power | TheHill

  1. America has the arsenal to cause damage, destruction, injury and death to many places on earth and now, it appears, they have a President who is prepared to do so. It would, also appears that he has delegated the authority for these action to the Pentagon. However is the Pentagon experts in diplomacy, for when you are dealing with matters in the world the art of diplomacy is a required requirement. Gunboat diplomacy as long gone.

    Previous Presidents have had this art, but who is sure if President Donald Trump as this art, or even if he is aware of what it is. To be sure the Pentagon will not have the art. So it could be, at this time of uncertainty neither the President or the Pentagon are skilled in diplomacy, should this be correct then World War III could happen anytime now. Not a prospect that anyone should have to think about.

    Unfortunately Trump believes in the gunboat, just as in Westerns when the cavalry comes just in time, but now it could be Little Bighorn allover again, but on a much larger scale.

    The World should be worried.


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