• Assistive technology is becoming increasingly more advanced in the modern day world. This umbrella term is one that is constantly evolving over time to incorporate more technological devices designed to aid those living with a disability. Advances in medical treatments have meant a better prognosis for many conditions associated with certain disabilities. Life expectancy has also risen, meaning there are now more people than ever living with a disability. In fact, estimates from the World Health Organisation (WHO) state that there are approximately ‘one billion people living with a disability.’ That equates to around ‘one in five people in Europe and America.’ With so many people now looking to adapt their lifestyles to suit their specific needs; the market for assistive technology is becoming increasingly popular as demand for certain products increases. People are keen to maintain their independence and their standard of living where possible, so depending on the nature of the

Source: Assistive Technology: Changing Perceptions of Disabilities | DisabledGo News and Blog