President Trump signed the 30th executive order of his presidency on Friday, capping off a whirlwind period that produced more orders in his first 100 days than for any president since Harry Truman.

The rash of executive orders underlines Trump’s focus on reversing as much of the Obama administration’s policy agenda as he can, even as the new administration struggles to find legislative victories in Congress.

It fits Trump’s showman persona, as well: signing ceremonies for his orders are often in the Oval Office or in a well-furnished executive building, and see the president surrounded by administration officials, members of Congress or everyday Americans who, Trump says, he’s trying to help.

Trump and his aides have touted the orders as they have put a shine on his first 100 days in office.

“No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days,” Trump declared earlier this month at a Kenosha, Wis., event.

Trump is leaning heavily on executive orders and other unilateral actions to argue he’s done more than any predecessor.


Source: Trump using executive orders at unprecedented pace | TheHill