Theresa May today promises the biggest shake-up of mental health provision for 30 years if re-elected to tackle the “burning injustice” of current treatment.

In a major policy announcement, the Conservative leader has pledged to scrap the “flawed” 1983 Mental Health Act after concluding it is “unfit for purpose”.

A string of policies designed to end discrimination in mental health treatment and make provision suitable for the 21st century will be implemented instead.

Theresa May has pledged to scrap the “flawed” 1983 Mental Health ActTen thousand more NHS staff will be assigned to mental health work in the next three years to boost treatment under the Tory plans.

A teacher in every primary and secondary school will be trained in mental health first aid to identify signs that children are developing anxiety or depression.

Discrimination laws will be toughened up to protect employees with mental health issues while Samaritans charity helpline will be Government funded until 2022.


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