Council orders 170-page dossier to fight pensioner’s £226 smashed windscreen claim : Express

So this council as to save £100 million over the next three years, so how come they are prepared to fight this claim of £226.80, surely a barrister will cost them much more or are they assuming that Mrs Thomas will back down rather than fight a large important body as Bristol City Council.

From the biography of Martin Rees, the elected Mayor of Bristol, “Marvin has pledged to make Bristol a fairer city for all. His priorities are to tackle Bristol’s housing crisis by building more homes and protecting private, improve transport and people flow across the city, ensure early intervention in health and well-being and progress social mobility through access to education and skills.”

A fairer city for all but not for Mrs Rita Thomas a 89 years old pensioner.


A CASH-strapped council has instructed a barrister to prepare a 170-page dossier to fight off an OAP’s claim for a smashed windscreen which cost just £226.

Rita Thomas

Bristol City Council is trying to save £100 million but is preparing for a court battle against Rita Thomas, 89.

Mrs Thomas says a worker was mowing the grass outside her home when a stone flicked up and shattered the rear windscreen of her white VW Up hatchback.

She claims the Bristol City Council employee knocked on her door to apologise after the incident last August, and gave her the contact details for the insurance team.

Her family later emailed the authority – which has to save £100 million in the next three years – asking for the damage to be repaired but did not hear back.

Mrs Thomas went on to have the windscreen replaced at a cost of £226.80, but when her…

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