The mysterious symbol left outside your home which could mean you’re being targeted by burglars

This is something we all need to be aware of. In these instances we need to look out for our fellow citizens and be aware of what could be occurring.

Lets be clear anyone placing these markers is as guilty of any resulting crime as those who commit the resulting act. So to be proactive these persons placing these markers should be prosecuted accordingly.


White stones have been spotted on driveways in Bristol

”“There are reports of a male leaving white stones outside of various properties.

“These distinctive stones are believed to have been left outside of properties which look unoccupied.

“This includes stones being left under rear tyres of some cars, possibly to act as a test for homeowner activity at the address.

“The male placing the stones is delivering charity bags for unwanted clothing,” he added.”

This has been going on for years in Denmark. Rocks, bottles, coke cans … even the trick with a charity asking for donations being left outside.

I use a mobility scooter which certain low lifes find it ok to steal as well. I moved recently and have been warned by several neighbours in the area that they have seen people fiddling with it. I use a heavy chain and lock but really – a…

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