When Our Son is Sick

Illness in all children is a worry, but with those with autism is more so due to their lack of ability to advise what they are actually feeling and the intensity. Then within all this is their expectation that you will make it better.

All you can do in most cases is be there and help them through, while monitoring whether there is any increase in the severity.

It is not easy on either the parents or the child.

Perfectly Peter

Nothing is easy with autism. Every aspect of a child’s life – and a family’s life – is affected. It’s when the child is sick, though, that a parent feels the most helpless.

Peter has been sick with fever and vomiting for about 24 hours now. Last night, we had no warning that he was coming down with a bug – if that’s what it is – other than a slight dip in appetite at dinner time. He didn’t eat all his grilled cheese sandwich and applesauce. That was the first red flag. Peter loves to eat! At bedtime I noticed that his eyes were a little droopy, and I felt his forehead. It was hot. I took his temperature with a “behind ear” thermometer (the only kind he will tolerate) and – sure enough – he had a fever of 101 degrees F.

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