#London #GrenfellTower Cladding was changed to SAVE £300,000 as Kensington and Chelsea pressured CONTRACTORS to REDUCE COSTS

All profits, no safety for residents, a council for you, no thoughts for the residents.

That should be criminal.

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – June.30: #GrenfellTower cladding was changed to cheaper version, reports say https://t.co/5GBac11TA0 — The Guardian (@guardian) June 30, 2017 #AceNewsDesk reports

UHNiRVhu_normal.jpg Jeremy Corbyn for PM (@JeremyCorbyn4PM)
30/06/2017, 08:53
All to save money & drive up profits
“We need good costs for Cllr Feilding-Mellen and planner tomorrow at 8.45am!”
c08JBfBB_normal.jpg AFP news agency (@AFP)
29/06/2017, 16:26
British PM Theresa May appoints retired judge Martin Moore-Bick to lead #GrenfellTower inquiry u.afp.com/47gxpic.twitter.com/bkfQCi2zcs
esJCSLh__normal.jpg Not So Strong (@StrongerStabler)
30/06/2017, 14:02
Kensington Council told contractors to ‘Keep the costs of cladding down ‘ emails reveal thetimes.co.uk/article/keep-c…#GrenfellTower#EndAusteritypic.twitter.com/AMiyVd3Jqc

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