The elderly and disabled in England are being told to expect cuts to care services and rises in charges after council chiefs unveiled spending plans. The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services said £20.8bn was expected to be spent on care this year, a cash rise of 5% since last year. It follows a £1bn cash injection announced in the Budget which ministers said would relieve the pressures. But ADASS said £824m of savings were still having to be made. The group, which represents social care directors, said rising demand meant cuts were inevitable given the current funding levels. The warning comes after ADASS surveyed 151 council care chiefs about their plans for 2017-18. The polling suggested councils would spend £14.2bn of their own money, rising to £20.8bn when the £1bn cash injection – money from the NHS for care projects and the fees users are asked to contribute – are taken into account. How savings will be made ADASS said care chiefs could make some of the savings

Source: Vulnerable told to expect cuts to council care | DisabledGo News and Blog