Judging Gary

I agree we should not be judgemental, but in many aspects were are all judgemental to some degree. What should be occurring is the willingness and scope to revise our initial judgement, but then are any of us prepared to do so, as this is then a reflection on ourselves.

We humans are so complicated and in some ways our primeval beginnings are so related to this and in many ways we are not open to challenge these, that is, if we understand or are aware these are forever present, in addition to those related to our upbringing.

I welcome your blog and to viewing your postings.

I also thank you for your like and follow relating to my own blog.

The Waas Blog

I’m using the bathroom at Barnes & Nobles the other day when I noticed two men arguing a few stalls away from me. I couldn’t make out their conversation, but from the looks of their facial expression and by their tone of voice I could tell this was something intense. This went on for about 10 minutes before one of the men stormed out of the bathroom yelling in rage. I was concerned. Gary, the remaining man in the bathroom, stared into the mirror with confusion. After pounding his fist forcefully onto the bathroom counter, he then shouted,” What the fuck is a homeless person suppose to look like!? Just because I’m not walking around smelling bad with ripped clothes I’m not homeless?”

A conversation with Gary quickly revealed the problem. I was shocked to find out he actually was homeless! He didn’t fit the stereotypical description, but this was…

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