Alzheimer’s Society responds to life expectancy figures | Care Industry News


In response to updated life expectancy figures from Professor Sir Michael Marmot at UCL Institute of Health Equity, Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Society, said “Every day through our helpline we hear how the chronic lack of funding to the social care system over the last decade is devastating people with dementia. This latest analysis suggests just how The have been for the most vulnerable in our society.


Source: Alzheimer’s Society responds to life expectancy figures | Care Industry News

One thought on “Alzheimer’s Society responds to life expectancy figures | Care Industry News

  1. With the chronic under-funding of all adult social care the time cannot be far away, if it is not already, for the complete collapse of this sector, not only for people with Alzheimers, but for all people requiring adult social care.This, as it is already, will be reflected within all areas of health related care.

    Hospital targets are being missed and for those that are being met, how many other areas of health care are suffering where there are no targets to be met. The crisis in primary care, being GPs, district nurses, etc is but one other area in crisis. Mental health being another and so on.

    All Government areas need to be working together and those who are supposedly being in control should listen and act for the betterment of the whole population and not just a selected few, the large corporations and the top 1%.

    Local Government need to act with one voice with the respected national charities and tell the Government that change needs to occur, not just tomorrow, not just today, but yesterday, meaning the time is well past and therefore the appropriate actions need to be taken immediately. There is no time for some major study or consultation as the majority of us know the truth and can see the reality and this needs a joint action from all to tell the Government that they need to ensure all care is effectively funded, otherwise there will not be a UK to govern.


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