For most of her life, Katie Warrent’s parents told her not to run. The 22-year-old is one of just a handful of people in Norfolk with Rubinstein–Taybi syndrome (RTS), meaning her bones can dislocate easily. That meant concerned parents Joanne and Stephen Warrent feared exercise would put their daughter at risk of injury. But, Miss Warrent, from Norwich, has beaten all odds and will be travelling to Sheffield to take part in the Special Olympics on August 12. Joanne Warrent said: “We were told that she wouldn’t walk or talk and wouldn’t be able to feed properly or eat. I had my son who was how they say ‘normal’ but to have Katie it was totally different but it has been worth every moment. “She achieves in life everyday, every day she is so happy. We don’t discuss disability with her, no one else does, she doesn’t think she’s different from anyone else.” Stephen Warrent, Katie’s father said: “She has broken a lot of boundaries that we never thought she would do. She has been a poster

Source: Girl who was told she may never walk prepares for the Special Olympics | DisabledGo News and Blog