WH correspondent & cronies: ‘Native Indians’ should ‘go back to your country’

Over at our favorite website for classy headlines and snarky stories, Wonkette, there’s a fall-flat-on-your-face article about a twitter exchange that begins with a post by White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich, who writes for the right-wing conspiracy blog The Gateway Pundit. Seems Mr. Wintrich was none too pleased with a photo of three Native Americans flipping off Mount Rushmore. Below is the photo with his response:



One thought on “WH correspondent & cronies: ‘Native Indians’ should ‘go back to your country’

  1. History buff and White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich is so stupid, for he says this boneheaded statement “break into our country” and “steal resources.”. Was it not the white settlers who broke into the Native American’s country and stole their resources and they cannot go back to their own country as it was theirs before Wintrich’s ancestors stole it from them.

    Wintrich is a joke.


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