UK: Leftist MP promotes male sex attacks by endorsing Sharia-styled women-only train carriages

I can see why Shadow fire minister Chris Williamson has broached this subject, but in civilised Society this is surely stating that Society is breaking down.

Yes, British Railways did have women only carriages prior to 1977, but these were a throwback to the past, some 132 years earlier. In those days rail travel was not as extensive as it is today and these carriages did not have corridors, so once in them, there you stayed until you arrived at your destination, no facilities for movement on long journeys or refreshment breaks.

This implies that ladies traveling alone are the only ones at risk as this could occur when ladies are accompanied by other persons, as is evident from a lady out with her boyfriend last week on an Italian beach, where she was gang raped in front of her boyfriend.

Surely, the whole concept is to make travel safe for us all and not a stated section, for if this came to pass, what carriages next, white and non white and so on.

With the advent of technology, surely there are other ways to provide safety, being cameras, etc.

The attacks on ladies or anyone else needs to be addressed, but by the rule of law and if, these attacks are being carried out by non-British residents, then these people need to be escorted out of the UK.

There are reports that some of these attacks are by Muslim males and that may be so, but not all of them are and until the statistics are released no one knows how many are. You cannot just rely on what is published on the various news media, as they only publish what they wish to publish, so they can slant the issue which way they want to.

Our UK laws are our laws and all who come or/and reside in the UK have to abide with them and if not they suffer the consequences.

Ladies only train carriages are not the way.

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