UK McDonald’s staff to make history in first ever strike | Daily Mail Online

Staff at outlets in Crayford, London (pictured) and Cambridge will walk out in a row over conditions and the use of zero-hour contracts. Unions are demanding a £10-an-hour minimum wage.

Source: UK McDonald’s staff to make history in first ever strike | Daily Mail Online

One thought on “UK McDonald’s staff to make history in first ever strike | Daily Mail Online

  1. Pay in UK is abysmal unless you are Bankers, MPs, Lawyers, Judges, CEOs of multinationals and hospital trusts, etc.

    If we paid others an equivalent wage for the work they do many would come above McDonald workers. May be the minimum living wage (MLW) should be £10 per hour, but then all other wage levels would have to be increased accordingly.

    I pay Personal Assistants to care for my disabled daughter and would love to pay them more for the excellent work they do, £10 per hour would be great. I myself cannot afford to do this and are reliant on a Direct Payments from our Local Authority. A pay uplift request has been with our local authority since November 2016 to pay them the Living Wage and to date I have not even received an acknowledgement let alone a response to increase.

    Now that is disgraceful.

    Part of this will be down to Government austerity cuts, but that did not stop MPs having a 11% uplift last year. The Local Authority itself pay their workers the Living Wage, not MLW.

    As David Cameron said ‘We are all in this together’ but many are well in it, while others are no where near it and have no respect for those that are in it.

    The disabled are well in it and are the first to have their benefits cut or stopped altogether.

    Everyone should be eligible for the Living Wage and this should become the Minimum Living Wage.

    For those of you who are not aware of the difference the National Living Wage is calculated by the Government and uplifts are effective every April, provided you are over 25 years old, for workers who are younger younger then they receive the minimum wage. The Living Wage is calculated by the Living Wage Foundation.

    The information below has been obtained from the website of the Living Wage Foundation

    UK Wage Rates currently

    Minimum wage £7.05

    National living wage £7.50

    Living Wage £8.45

    Higher rates for the Living Wage are in force if living in London £9.75


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