The pay gap we aren’t talking about – The i – Saturday Reads #10

It seemed simple enough. After asking my producers several times if they were satisfied with my work enough to allow me to send an invoice, I now demanded payment.

The producers were livid I would expect my contract to be upheld. The multi page chastisement made two things very clear. First, I was, as far as the producers were concerned, out of line for suggesting that payment was past due. Second, these were film producers I never wanted to work with again.

I should’ve been thankful to work at all, they claimed.

An even bigger gap exists

For as much as we talk about the gender pay gap an even bigger pay gap exists for those of us with disabilities. Disabled men earn on average eleven percent less than their abled bodied male counterparts. Disabled women earn twenty-two percent less than other women in the same job, effectively doubling the pay gap yet again.

Society demands that disabled women always act thankful in order to gain access to what most people consider to be common decency. Disabled women who are thankful for their job don’t ask for pay raises. They don’t over step their boundaries and need ‘too much’ help. Such a woman isn’t going to demand that you install a lift, challenge your preconceived ideas, or hire a solicitor when you don’t uphold your contract.

Disabled women are taught to be grateful

Source: The pay gap we aren’t talking about – The i – Saturday Reads #10

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