(MADRID) Spain’s autonomous Catalonia region wants to hold a referendum on independence next weekend but the constitutional court calls it illegal and after arresting who are the ringleaders they now want to shutdown access to the Internet: This is EU machinations behind the scenes #AceNewsDesk reports

Is this really occurring within a country that is part of the EU, is this democracy, is this freedom of expression, is it not likened to a tin pot dictatorship.

This, in the supposedly Free World is completely wrong and takes us back to the ways of Colonialism.

Can this really be the Spain of the future or is it in keeping with the future within the EU.

Either way it is not a part that I wish to belong to.

If Catalonia wishes for some form of independence, why should Spain be actively not only campaigning against it, but is treating Catalonia as a naughty child, in say if you behave as you are doing we will limit your freedoms until you desist.

Surely this cannot be happening in a civilised Society in the 21st century.

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