Thank you for your follow and I am now following yourself.

Although you are not advising what your life experiences were, in detail, and there is no way that you should do, as I believe in that we should only do what you wish to. Certainly, especially on Social Media you do have to be careful what you disclose, as you do, also in your real life circumstances.

I, myself, now feel confident in discussing some of my experiences, if not all, but I presume, from your comments in this blog, that I am somewhat older than you and my life experiences have built a level of confidence in which to disclose.

Do what you feel comfortable with at a pace in which you feel is right for you. Do not let others put you under pressure to do more than you are comfortable with.

Looking forward to your future postings, whenever you wish to post.


This is the story of my life. I was alone.


Everything i am to write in my new blog is something that i have faced in life or my friends have faced. it is a life experience of a teenager girl/boy. I will write on what i think about , about my opinions and upload videos too.

I was an introvert back in 2014-15. I stayed indoors and had a hard time with my friends forcing me to get out and have fun. I lost many friend since then and when i joined college i made new friends. i got introduced to a new way of life. Be careful with the people you interact with in college. In my first party on campus i had a moment that changed my life since then. I don’t wanna grow your curiosity so let me crack this down for you, i am not…

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