Tories Set to Destroy NHS Dentistry with Majority Considering Leaving Health Service

As you say this is exceedingly worrying, especially as there is, currently, a shortage of NHS Dentists.

However, do these young dentists realise that if there is a sudden large influx of dentists into the private sector then this could diminish the profits they wish to receive. In many ways a constant flow of regular guaranteed income is more beneficial that the possibility of some form of private income. There is supply and demand in all areas and this applies to the private sector in the same ways as the public sector.

That been said any decisions for anyone to leave the NHS is not at all good for those of us who have to rely on the NHS as we do not have the funds to go private.

There is a need to keep a check on quality but are targets the best way, for when you are concentrating on meeting certain targets your attention could be diverted away from other areas, which are as of equal importance, but no targets have been set.
I do worry regarding the constant push in the NHS to privatisation, as will be the case in dentistry should there be a further reduction in available dentists this does not mean the population will follow them to the private sector, they will most likely not visit the dentists. In the longer term this will then create more pressures on an already pressurised NHS leading to a serious decline in the health if persons within the UK. This will then have a disastrous effect on employment and the attendance rates, which in turn will create a lack of sustainability in the economy of the UK. Everything is interrelated from birth to death and all the levels in between.

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I found this very worrying article by Rachel Burnett in Monday’s I, for the 2nd October 2017. Entitled ‘NHS dentistry facing ‘existential crisis’ with majority set to leave, it reads

More than half of dentists are planning to leave the NHS within the next five years, a survey has found.

A study by the British Dental Association (BDA) has revealed that around 58 per cent want to move on, mostly to private work. Others want to go overseas, retire or to move out of dentistry.

It also found that 53 per cent of young and newly qualified NHS dentists, aged under 35, plan to leave.

Henrik Overgaard, BDA chairman of General Dental Practice, called for government reforms to avoid a “crisis”.

He said: “These young dentists are the backbone of the dental workforce, and losing them at the start of their careers raises existential questions about the future of…

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3 thoughts on “Tories Set to Destroy NHS Dentistry with Majority Considering Leaving Health Service

  1. And we also have to remember, the even bigger treat to dental services, the now privatised NHS Corporate treatment like My Dentist,, owns 650 dentists , whose CO was until this year CO of Priory Group .

    Most dentists have been lured to join such corporate groups as associates, so now NHS is privatised per se.

    And more teeth are being removed unnecessarily and then expensive bridge/implant work can be claimed by the same Company.

    And NHS rates make it more cost effective to extract rather than save teeth.

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    • Thanks for your comment and the information contained within.

      The dental practice used by myself and my wife is a My Dentist in Sheffield and this explains why on my wife’s visit a few weeks ago they did not undertake the normal scale on polish which would usually have been done within the initial payment. They did, instead, state that a hygienist visit was required thereby costing a further £45.

      I will be on my guard when I myself go there next.


      • This is the real privatisation no choice and our public money pays to have our teeth needlessly removed and then we have to pay My Dentist £900 to replace as this not covered by NHS .. same with GPS lawyers it is the new no choice, no service capitalism yet not mentioned in media or by either political party ……….. thanks for comment best wishes finola


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