After Weinstein fell, Trump accusers wonder why not him? – Houston Chronicle

Almost a year after New Yorker Jessica Leeds and other women stepped forward with harrowing accounts of being sexually assaulted by a powerful man, another scandal with similar elements exploded.Only this time, the punishment was swift and devastating.”It is hard to reconcile that Harvey Weinstein could be brought down with this, and (President Donald) Trump just continues to be the Teflon Don,” said Leeds, who claims she was groped 30 years ago on a plane by the man whose presence she cannot escape now that he sits in the Oval Office.In Florida, Melinda McGillivray, was having much the same reaction.

Source: After Weinstein fell, Trump accusers wonder why not him? – Houston Chronicle

One thought on “After Weinstein fell, Trump accusers wonder why not him? – Houston Chronicle

  1. Why is there apparently a different approach to the alleged sexual abuse claims made against Harvey Weinstein and President Donald Trump?

    Could it be down to community support, as the Hollywood community did not appear to support Harvey Weinstein, while the Republican community did appear to provide some support to Trump. Is it because the Republicans were using Trump, as was Trump using the Republicans to gain mutual power. While within Hollywood, Weinstein already had the power, but other forces could have been around, as it could be that Hollywood itself wished to be rid of Weinstein and dethrone his power, while Trump was ascending his power base.

    However, as we have seen from historical references a large and powerful individual, community or other entity can suddenly or gradually take a massive fall, even to be a non-entity. So,if and when the Republicans tire of Trump so will come his fall and then his support in the Republican party will be swift. Currently within American his power base within his voting supporters still appears to be holding strong and it is this power base that the Republicans wish to tap into. Even a slight fall in that base could signal the end of Trump, but will the replacement be better, worse or no apparent change.

    What is your view of Mike Pence? Or is there a third on the distant horizon, only time will tell.


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