B’ham Council using living-wage pledge to DEDUCT income from low-paid

Birmingham City Council are a disgrace and are a Labour run council in name only, not in principle. How can anyone Labour voter vote again for this supposed Labour run council.


bham workersBCC employees

Birmingham City Council (BCC) – a Labour-run council in name only – has a record of abominable treatment of its low-paid workers.

Recently the council leader resigned after a series of SKWAWKBOX exclusives revealed the fully-authorised deal he had done with the Unite union, under the auspices of Acas, on behalf of refuse collectors who had been threatened with a huge pay-cut. The council’s response to the revelation that they had reneged on a formal deal was, shamefully, to issue unlawful redundancy notices to well over a hundred ‘leading hand’ workers vital to the safe operation of refuse lorries.

Then, when judges dismissed their legal argument, the council wrote a threatening letter to the workers saying that if it succeeds in overturning the resulting injunction, the time spent in court would be deducted from their redundancy notice period.

A new scandal

The latest scandal to hit the…

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