If @JeremyCorbyn’s @UKLabour had courage of convictions it would call for scrapping of #UniversalCredit

As with many systems, especially those imposed by Government, they may have ideal outcomes, but the thought process to create the systems is not fit for purpose, it is underfunded, not sufficiently staff resources by numbers and aptitude. They also do not have the claimants or beneficiaries rights and needs as the primary basis, not person centred.

This is evident no matter which party is in power, as the real power brokers are the civil servants behind the elected MPs and Ministers. These are the people who are there irrespective of who is in assumed power.

Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, while comedy sitcoms were more realistic than many of the population believe.

As to the payment periods, why, in this day and age, cannot the current benefits be paid and then just changed on the day the new benefit become effective, we are after all in the computer age and with the right programming anything should be possible.

The ramblings of a former DWP Civil Servant ...

“Restoring parity with the tax credit system by reinvesting £3bn a year into universal credit is essential, not only to protect living standards but also to prevent universal credit’s brand becoming synonymous with such major cuts, resulting in significant opposition to roll-out,” it says.

Public confidence in universal credit will collapse without an urgent £3bn cash injection to reverse cuts that are set to leave millions of families worse off, an influential thinktank has warned.

The Resolution Foundation says a spree of Treasury-driven welfare cuts since 2015 has left universal credit unable to meet its original aims of strengthening work incentives and supporting the incomes of low-income families.

It warns that the current fragile political consensus in support of universal credit risks breaking down unless ministers refinance the reform and fix multiple design and implementation problems.

The original universal credit vision of merging six benefits into one to create a…

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