Former FBI director James Comey sheds ‘secret’ Twitter alias, slides into Trump’s stomping grounds : Daily Kos

attribution: Getty Images

There’s a new Twitter sheriff in town

In March 2017, Ashley Feinberg of Gizmodo did some sleuthing and figured out former FBI director James Comey had been using a secret alias on Twitter. Comey was tweeting under the name @ReinholdNiebuhr and eventually confirmed Feinberg’s detective work, even jokingly offering her a job.

Today, James Comey shed the alias account and unveiled a new Twitter feed, one that is quickly gaining new followers and is likely to give @realDonaldTrump some heartburn.


Trump is not likely to greet him like the did the first time the two met at the White House.

And the fact Comey felt the need to open a more public, verified account could be telling. As in, he has a story to tell and he is getting closer to being able to talk about it publicly.

Of course, longtime Twitter users began welcoming and hazing the newest verified account:

Of course, many users gave Comey a less than hospitable welcome, but you’ll have to get in the Twitter mud yourself to read those responses.


Source: Former FBI director James Comey sheds ‘secret’ Twitter alias, slides into Trump’s stomping grounds  : Daily Kos


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