Why Japan has NO Mass Shootings

Mass Shootings, gun control, gun violence are some pointers that come to mind whenever we hear of shootings, especially those connected with civilians. Gun crime can occur in any country irrespective of the level of gun legislation these countries have.

But, at these times do we ever think of the general Society in these countries and how this can have a bearing on the extent of gun crimes these countries have.

The American Society has, certainly within the West been open to extensive gun use and you could say this was virtually from the beginning of America. While for Japan this would appear to be no so.

Could this have some bearing on the level of Gun Crimes within these two countries.

There is also the availability of guns, if it is relatively easy to obtain a gun, as opposed to not being so, could this also have a bearing.

So the level of gun crime may not be always down to the legislation of any country, but could be dependent on many other factors.

Japan appears to have little or no mass shootings while in America there appears to be a high level of mass shootings.

Alexis Chateau

One of the things I find amusing about American Conservatives is how quickly immigration laws must be reformed when immigrants commit crimes; but how quiet they are on gun laws when well-rooted American citizens shoot up schools, churches, and country music festivals.

The end result is that the United States has more mass shootings, and gun violence in general, than virtually anywhere else in the world.

Japan has none. Here’s why.

If the video doesn’t load automatically, you can watch ithere.

One of the cases often made against gun control in America is that Chicago has some of the strictest laws, but high rates of gun violence. This reminds me of the chicken and the egg situation.

Which one came first? The terrible gun violence? Or the laws to curb the issue? But does it even matter? Is the intelligent response to a failing system, no system at…

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