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A good question ‘Who Are You?’ and this deserves an answer, but on reflection ‘Who Am I’. This I tried to cover in my blog, 61chrissterry on my ‘About’ page ‘About Chris Sterry‘.

Since posting ‘About Chris Sterry’ I have extended my range of commitments as shown on, What Chris Sterry becomes involved with.

So I feel Who Are You?, well now, as well as looking after my disabled daughter, supported by my wife and paid carers, I involve myself in other caring, carers and disability issues within Sheffield UK and endeavour to see that these issues are brought to the attention of the respected caring and disability organisations within Sheffield UK.

We are now approaching a New Year and I wait to see what 2018 will bring.

Happy New Year


A lot of times, people are frequently asked the questionwho are you?In Nigeria, most people perceive this question to be an insult. It could be because of the tone used in asking, it could be the situation you found yourself, it could be the facial expression you noticed when the person asking said the words.

Most times, it could be a harmless question. Maybe the person asking the question wants you to talk about yourself especially if it’s an interview.

I stand to be corrected but most times, the questionwho are you,can representwho exactly is your father or who do you know that’s important in the society.I believe most of us can relate to the above question. Men, women, boys and girls. At a point in our lives, we have all encountered this question. Directly or Indirectly.

How many of us truly know who…

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