Woman called 999 because her cat looked sick : Liverpool Echo

Ambulance chiefs have revealed some of the daftest 999 calls as they urge patients not to waste NHS time with minor problems.

One Merseyside patient called the emergency services because their pet cat did not look well.

Another phoned 999 because they had a dry mouth, and one woman complained of irritated eyes from false eyelashes she had done five days previously.

One caller had already been taken to hospital by ambulance – but phoned up disgusted at having to sit in the A&E waiting room with other people.

The North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) said the past couple of weeks had also seen a man phone for help after cutting their finger washing the dishes.

Another man demanded an ambulance because he had been coughing for two weeks.


Source: Woman called 999 because her cat looked sick : Liverpool Echo

One thought on “Woman called 999 because her cat looked sick : Liverpool Echo

  1. Within the UK there is currently a major crisis regarding funding of both Social and Health Services and the public need to act responsively when considering to engage in these services, as they should also do with any engagement with our other emergency services being Police, Fire and other services.

    The actions by a minority of certain members of the public as identified in this Liverpool Echo article show just some of the irresponsible behaviour that these services are currently having to contend with.

    Each incident may seem trivial and in some instances amusing, but everyone of these public actions and all the others are using an operators time, which should not have been used. Even seconds in a real emergency could be the difference between saving life or causing death.

    Our emergency services do a great job and they should always be respected and no aspect of engagement on trivial matters should stand in the way that the job is carried out.

    Currently all our services are, on the face, free at point of contact, if they were not would any of this public irresponsible behaviour cease. Hopefully we will never find out, as to do so could well mean that direct charges would be imposed not just on these minorities but on all of the public, over and above the charges already in force through the various forms of taxation.

    I implore everyone to act in a responsible manner so the free a point of use can be maintained.


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