Five years after launching the first Baby Changing Room Awards and sponsoring the National Childbirth Trust Baby Change App, Britain’s leading nappy cream brand Sudocrem is once again pioneering the way with a new category to recognise the importance of Changing Places toilets for disabled children.

There are 800,000 disabled children in the UK but only 1058 Changing Places toilets to meet their needs. This means that parents like Laura Rutherford, whose son Brody, 5, suffers from GDD, epilepsy, hypermobility and hypotonia, is forced to change her son on a toilet floor. “Life beyond a baby changing table when your child is doubly incontinent means constant exclusions when you go out as a family. It’s heart breaking for us as parents and this is an issue that will sadly become harder and harder as he grows up. He is different not less. Time for change.”




  1. Yes it is and it is an area that will not be known about by many persons, unless they are aware of persons to which this and the lack of these facilities is a fact of their lives.

    For the majority of the population the availability of toilets is not such a pressing thought as usually some form of toilet will generally be somewhere near as in Public buildings, areas of entertainment, leisure facilities, etc and in many, but not all there could be a disabled toilet of some description or it could be being used as a storage room, this as been the case in many instances.

    But a Changing Places toilet is very much more and will cause a very serious concern for those within our Society to whom this is exceedingly important and could be a deciding factor as to whether they go out or not. If not this is then causing more distress and harm due to adding to their degree of isolation, which inturn can have seriously affects on their health.


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