Wrexham’s plan to charge disabled people for parking is not only “absurd” but vindictive : Vox Political


Independent-run Wrexham Borough Council has declared war on disabled people, it seems.

The council wants to take away £25,000 a year from the money disabled people in the borough need to survive – in parking charges.

Not only that, but the council is prepared to pay twice that amount to install the changes needed to impose those charges – so it would not even start to make any money for two years.

 I wonder how badly the change would affect disabled people during that time? They don’t have much money to support them and even the smallest change can be disastrous. Wrexham’s MP is Labour’s Ian Lucas. Hopefully he will monitor the situation.

It seems unlikely that the so-called Independents (they’re usually closet Tories) on the council have even bothered to think about that.

Source: Wrexham’s plan to charge disabled people for parking is not only “absurd” but vindictive :Vox Political

One thought on “Wrexham’s plan to charge disabled people for parking is not only “absurd” but vindictive : Vox Political

  1. This is pure victimisation of disabled people and is not working to equality.

    Unlike the majority of the population many disabled people do not have a choice with regards to their form of transport due to their disability and in many cases a vehicle is their only means of transport. In Wexham these disabled people will be penalised for using their only form of transport and therefore this will restrict their independence.

    Also for many disabled people their benefits are their only source of income so, charging them for parking will reduce their ability to live.

    Out of these fixed incomes comes costs for food, accommodation, cooking, heating, lighting, in fact all the daily charges we all have to pay for. In addition, if they also require the assistance from paid carers they will also be required to pay a regular charge for these carers and a multitude of other charges in their course of living.

    All sources wish for their ‘pound of flesh’ and just take from disabled people without looking at all the sources who are raiding their fixed incomes.

    These fixed benefits should be defined to be for only standard living costs and these other sources should have no legality to request payment from these benefits.


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