A Second Referendum – the final decision.

You have a good point, but which of those will the EU allow and none of them mention the right of the UK to decide who comes and who stays within the UK.

I am not adverse to immigration provided the immigrants come to work and are prepared to contribute to the UK and abide by our rules of law and Society.

If some do not work and/or commit crimes then they should be deported irrespective of their family life here.

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Now we know more about what is involved with Brexit I think it is only right that we have a democratic say. As there are a number of options I would suggest that instead of a binary decision we allow the people to decide what flavour we prefer.

I suggest a referendum based on the following:

a. A complete break from the EU.

b. We break with the political union but stay within the Single Market and Customs Union.

c. We break with the political union but stay within the Single Market.

d. We break with the political union but stay within the Customs Union.

e. We remain within the EU.

I think that might give us a better idea of the thinking of the British people. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “A Second Referendum – the final decision.

  1. Thanks for the reblog Chris. At present there is a clause that the UK has failed to sign up to. It enables countries to send back EU citizens to the country they came from if they have not secured a job in 3 months. Why didn’t we sign up to it? Daft eh?
    We need migration to do the jobs that our people won’t or cannot do. Perhaps that is why we didn’t sign up?


    • Thank you.

      I did believe there was a clause as you state and thank you for advising.

      However I still feel we should completely withdraw from the EU as I do not wish for a political union ony re trade and trade on our own negotiated terms with the rest of the World.

      Also our own Laws should come before all others, some of the reasons given to not deport some non-UK citizens defies belief, but then so do some reasons that have been used to deported others.

      Brexit was never going to be easy, no matter what we were told, my decision was based on what I believe and not any so called facts from leave or remain.


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