‘I hid blindness from colleagues for 11 years” : Daily Record

Caroline Casey opens up about her life of blindness, and how she spent over a decade hiding her condition from colleagues.

She is now campaigning to help others suffering with eyesight conditions.

I found out I was legally blind on my 17th birthday. The day had started with me happily opening presents on my parents’ bed.

Like many 17-year-olds, I was over the moon to open a voucher for my first driving lesson – ever since I was a girl, I’d dreamed of being a motorbike racer.

Later that day, my mum and I took my little sister Hilary to her hospital appointment. Hilary has ocular albinism, a condition of the iris that means she is legally blind.

I’d also struggled with my eyesight my whole life, but I put it down to being extremely shortsighted.

Things were only visible when they were a few inches in front of my face – the rest of the world was seen through a smear of Vaseline.

I zoned out during Hilary’s eye examination, my head full of motorbikes. Whenever Hilary had an eye test, I had one too, to be a supportive older sister – or so I thought.

‘It’s your birthday today? Any nice presents?’ the doctor asked with a smile, as he noticed the date in my file.


Source: ‘I hid blindness from colleagues for 11 years” : Daily Record

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