Reasonable adjustments

With all the legislation which has been enacted previously Equality Act 2010 which replaced the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and others you would have expected by now that all organisations should be aware of what is required and be prepared to engage with reasonable adjustments. By why am I not surprised that they are not doing so, is it ignorance (surely not a University) or utter disregard for the welfare of their students. No matter what it is this should not be occurring, especially with the costs incurred to undertake these courses.

You have created a contract to attend the courses within the University and they are breaking this contract by not recognising the reasonable adjustments they should be making.

Their feeble retorts to belittle you are a major concern in their ability to deliver any aspect regarding disability equality.

As course have to be paid for I feel because of their uncaring attitude you will be entitled to a refund of some or all of your course fees, but that will not help you with achieving your educational aims.

The University should be ashamed of their behaviour and should be named and shamed.

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