The astonishing volunteers who stayed up all night to help drivers stuck on M62

I was one of those drivers stuck in traffic on Thursday 1 March 2018 just off Junction 21 of the M62.

The vehicles were approaching from all directions and movement was minimal due this volume traffic, in fact in one half period at 10pm I move no more than 100 yards.

This was horrendous but out of apparently nowhere came people from this multi-racial community offering food and drinks to the drivers going nowhere. I myself was on Shaw Road, Newhey. This was a sight from ‘Heaven’ and was exceedingly welcome.

I applaud the freely given community spirit and it is good to know that when the’chips are down’ the local community is willing to look after strangers in their mist.

Thank you to all who took part and hopefully when the M62 was reopened on Saturday March 2018 they took advantage and took a well earned rest for what was left of the weekend.


Source: The astonishing volunteers who stayed up all night to help drivers stuck on M62

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