How many Telfords before we get serious about child grooming? | The Guardian – Jess Phillips

Some time ago I was sitting in the Sunday school room of a local church, with posters made by kids depicting the teachings of Jesus curling at the corners on the walls. I was there to do my advice surgery in my role as a local councillor.

A man came in to ask for help getting his family moved to a bigger house. His daughter had two children who had been removed from her care but were allowed to live with her on condition that she live with her parents and they acted as guardians. I diligently took down the names and ages of the children to assess the size of house they needed.


Source: How many Telfords before we get serious about child grooming? | The Guardian – Jess Phillips

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One thought on “How many Telfords before we get serious about child grooming? | The Guardian – Jess Phillips

  1. It is my belief that child grooming is rife throughout the UK and it will not be long before another scandal surfaces and then another.

    Jess Phillips is correct when she states ‘Every police force and every children’s service in the country needs a specialist team that only works on this subject, and the government has to pay for it. It must also fund specialist victims and youth services that can win trust among the difficult to reach groups – who in my experience are not difficult to reach if only people didn’t find them so difficult to look at.

    These teams need to work on prevention as much as on prosecution, offering intensive work with vulnerable groups of girls – those in care, with special needs, mental health problems and other difficulties. Police teams should be doing outreach work with the communities identified in every case. I live in one of these communities and I know they want things done. We must find a way to talk about this stuff, break a culture of silence and change the story.’

    I would go even further in that every police force needs to undergo an extensive investigation on how they have dealt with reported cases of underage sexual contact over the last 20 years or even longer. More children need to be believed and a proactive approach also needs to be progressed in all sections of every community.

    Only then will these incidents be seen to be taken on board and with the increased level of education on this subject less cases will be created.

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