Nick Clegg calls the ”EU Transition Deal” ”Humiliating”

As spoken by the Humiliated.


“Most grown ups across the EU know the the EU would be stronger with Britain in it” – Yep, i think you’re absolutely right, however, that’s their business, we are leaving, they had their chance to reform but chose not to, in a very childish and petulant way.

“I think it is the most undignified act of humiliation that I can remember in my lifetime.” – Really Cleggy, you don’t remember jumping into bed with the devil to get into a coalition government, you don’t remember being humiliated out of your position as leader of the LibDum’s due to losing seats at the GE, you don’t remember lying to students for your place at the table and most humiliating of all, you don’t remember losing your seat at Sheffield Hallam.…To be honest, i don’t see how you can write any memoirs as you really don’t have…

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